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Comprehensive insurance based mental healthcare for over 40 years, from neuropsychological testing & evaluation to psychiatric & therapeutic treatment.

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Your Trusted Full Service Mental Healthcare Provider


Insurance-based mental healthcare services, from neuropsychological testing, evaluation & diagnosis to psychiatric medicine and therapy.

Serving Arizona for over 40 years, Psychological Pathways is one of the most respected & trusted mental healthcare providers in the state.



Providing insurance based full-service outpatient mental healthcare services throughout Arizona,
via caring and highly skilled Doctors and Clinicians in safe, caring, convenient and nonjudgmental settings.

What We Offer

We are uniquely able to provide mental healthcare across the broad spectrum of behavioral health specialties, utilizing an integrated outpatient treatment model and an insurance reimbursement-based approach.

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Connect with our team today for additional information about our full range of psychological evaluation & diagnostics services and the psychiatric & psychotherapeutic treatment services we offer. We look forward to serving you!

What Our Patients are Saying

“You were able to thoroughly test and evaluate my child for ADHD far faster than any of the other places I tried to unsuccessfully to schedule with….you accepted my insurance!”

“ Fast turnaround…the psychological evaluation report was thorough & received in a timely manner to meet my referring doctor’s request.”

“It was a such great fit with my therapist.”

“I finally found out what was wrong with me after years of not knowing. I’m now getting the therapy treatment I’ve needed.”

“I’m able to get the treatment that I desperately need…covered completely by my health insurance.”